GC Coatings Platinum Range LEGAL NOTICE

1. Extent of GC Coatings 5 Year guarantee:

1.1 This guarantee applies to the following GC Coatings products:

1.1.1 PLATINUM Wall Coating

1.1.2 PLATINUM Roof Coating

1.2 Structure of Guarantee:

1.2.1 This guarantee applies to sales less than R10 000.

1.2.2 On sales more than R10 000 a technical advisor will be provided in order to inspect the surfaces where specifications and instructions will be provided to ensure the correct application of the products. This inspection will be compulsory for the guarantee to apply.

1.3 From hereon forth, the term “error” can be used to describe any of the following conditions:

Delaminating of any one coat from another or from its substrate, fading (gloss or colour), hairline cracking, chalking, blistering and scuffing.

1.4 This guarantee does not cover any damages that may or may not have incurred as a result of the application of any of the products in the GC Coatings Range.

2. Initiation of Guarantee:

2.1 The guarantee will initiate on the day that consumer registers his/her product at www.gccoatings.com/registration.html and supply all the compulsory details. This must be done within 30 days from date of purchase.

2.2 The guarantee is valid for a period of 5 (five) years from date of registration.

2.3 The guarantee is transferable if:

2.3.1 The new owner accepts all terms and conditions.

2.3.2 The new owner accepts that only the balance of the period from date of purchase applies.

2.4 When a claim has been settled the guarantee period does not start anew.

3. Preparation and Application:

3.1 This guarantee only applies when:

3.1.1 Only GC Coatings endorsed products were used i.e.:

GC Coatings First Coat.
Platinum Range Wall Coating (1st coat)
Platinum Range Wall Coating (2nd coat)

3.1.2 GC Coatings Platinum Range is only used for the following: Platinum Wall Coating – Interior and Exterior surfaces as stipulated on Application Instructions. Platinum Roof Coating – Exterior Roof coatings as stipulated on Application Instructions. Adequate surface preparation has been done. Product has been applied according to te general instructions, which is available on this website (www.gccoatings.com) and/or on product container.

4. Accountability

4.1 GC Coatings accountability will decrease according to the following:

4.1.1 First 12 months from date of registration: 100% re-inbursement of cost of purchase.

4.1.2 13-24 months from date of registration: 85% re-inbursement of cost of purchase.

4.1.3 25-36 months from date of registration: 70% re-inbursement of cost of purchase.

4.1.4 37-48 months from date of registration: 55% re-inbursement of cost of purchase.

4.1.5 49-60 months from date of registration: 40% re-inbursement of cost of purchase.

5. Exclusions of accountability:

5.1 Damage as a result of any external causes such as extensive heating, scraping, fire, neglect, vandalism, industrial action and natural disasters (vis major) and the like.

5.2 Incorrect coating of surfaces due to the shape, geographical situation, size, characteristics or situations that makes the even coating of the product difficult e.g. the use of a ladder and/or scaffolding.

6. Settlement and Reparation

6.1 Claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days of discovering the defects.

6.2 The consumer must provide relevant reasons why he/she thinks GC Coatings is responsible for the paint defect in terms of this guarantee. GC Coatings will send an inspector to the site to inspect any surfaces to which the claim is related to. Before inspection, no alterations or repairs of any kind may be made to any of the surfaces that the claim is related to and any tampering with the surfaces will not render GC Coatings liable to any claim pertaining to this specific project and to which this guarantee is related to.

6.3 GC Coatings may at any given time appoint an independant 3rd party to inspect and/or repair surfaces that the alledged claim is related to.