Platinum Wall Coating


Luxurious washable wall coating for general purpose, interior/exterior emulsion paint.

Colours Available:

White & Pastel Colours.

Product information:

– Pack size: 5L and 20L
– Spreading rate ± 7 square meters/L – depending on surface texture
– Water-based
– Semi Matt finish
– Quick drying
– 5 – 7 year life expectancy provided the product is correctly applied
– 20 000 + scrubs tested by independent laboratory

Surface Preparation:

New surfaces should be in sound condition, dry & free from loose material. Dirt and grease should be removed by washing with a warm detergent solution (sugar soap) and then rinsing with clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. All areas to be sanded properly and primed with GC Coatings 1st Coat.

Previously painted and Lime washed, chalky surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and primed with GC Coatings Bonding Liquid before painting.

Fill all defects with the appropriate product. N.B. Prime seal and sand according to instruction on the pack. Use GC Coatings Bonding Liquid before painting.
On porous surfaces thin the first coat up to 10% with water.
New plaster should be coated with GC Coatings First Coat.

Product application:

Stir before use. Apply final coat evenly by brush, roller or airless spray.
Apply two coats to achieve completely obliteration.
Allow 4 hours drying time between coats.
Clean equipment with tap water.
Washability : Good (Wash with sugar soap)
Insure that the same batch is used, colour might differ from batch to batch.