Economic gloss enamel for interior / exterior

Colours Available:

White and Ivory

Product Information:

– Versatile, convenient and cost saving.
– Does not collect dirt.
– Easy to clean.
– A two coat application recommended for walls and ceilings.
– 60% Gloss velvet finish.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be painted must be firm, free of rust, dirt, grease, oil or loose paint

Product Application:

Thoroughly stir the paint and apply two coats GC Coatings Econo-gloss with brush or roller.

Allow a 16 hours drying time between coats.

Clean equipment with Mineral Turpentine.

Unpainted plaster – prime with GC Coatings First Coat and finish with two coats G.C Coating Econo Gloss Enamel.

Unpainted timber and metal – first coat with GC Coatings Universal Undercoat and finish with two coats GC Coatings Econo Gloss Enamel.

Unpainted galvanized iron – must be cleaned, and primed with GC Coatings QD Red Oxide Primer and two coats GC Coatings Econo Gloss Enamel.