Very flexible, styrenated acrylic emulsion compound for saturating and glueing polyester cloth to accept final coats.


Red and Black.

Product Information

– Pack size: 1L and 5L
– Spreading Rate: 1.5 to 2 square meters/L
– Waterproofing is not a general application. Make sure that the product you choose is suited to all your specific requirements.

Surface Preparation

The surface to which the waterproofing is applied must be dry and free of dust, fungus and loose paint. Always fill gaps or large cracks with mortor before waterproofing. Can also be used on galvanized iron.

Product Application:

Apply with brush or scraper.

To all bare masonry surfaces first apply a coat of GC Coatings Roofseal, diluted 40% with water to seal the surface.

Allow to dry plus minus 4 hours. Apply two coats GC Coatings Roofseal unthinned and embed the membrane into the wet coat till the membrane is thoroughly wetted.

Before the above layer has dried completely apply in third coat by brush to ensure complete cover of the weave of the membrane.

The drying time of any waterproofing system depends on the air temperature and humidity, do not attempt to waterproof when rain is expected.

Clean equipment with tap water.