Going Platinum

As a result of the consistent and outstanding growth shown by GC Coatings, the next logical step in our evolution can only be to produce our first product with a five year guarantee.

Extensive research has shown that a giant segment of the market not only sees a guarantee on paint products as an added bonus to their purchase, but insists on it.

Due to the fact that adequate after sales control regarding preparation and application is very limited, so-called “guarantees” becomes major headaches for most paint manufacturing companies; companies that often don’t even last as long as the guarantees printed on their tins.

At GC Coatings we don’t see problems, we provide solutions.

It is this attitude and mindset that enabled us to develop a product not only worthy of a 5 year guarantee, but a product so durable; it demands a 5 Year Guarantee!
We are proud to announce the eagerly awaited launch of the GC Coatings Platinum Range

The range initially launches in two formats:

Platinum Roof Coating

Platinum Wall Coating

They will be sold in the distinctive 5L and 20L Platinum range containers.

Platinum Wall Coating can be tinted to all available pastel colours by any one of our 31 dedicated GC Coatings outlets.

Platinum Roof Coating is available in six standard GC Roof Coating colours: Red, Terra-cotta, Oxblood, Black, White and Green.

The guarantee

The consumer registers his/her product on the registration page on this website. The guarantee will consequently be issued by an administrator given that all the details are correct and verified as such.

Here, it is also important that we emphasize that only the product can be guaranteed and not the application thereof.