Top quality GC Coatings Eggshell enamel (Dries with a soft sheen, indestructible scrubability)

Colours Available:

Structured white – can be tinted to a wide range of pastel colours.

Product Information:

For interior use only, excellent for bathrooms and kitchens.
For use in nursery schools, hospitals, etc.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be painted must be firm, free of rust, dirt, grease, oil or loose paint.

Product application:

Thoroughly stir paint.

Allow a 16 hours drying time in between coats.

Unpainted plaster – Prime with GC Coatings First Coat and finish with two coats GC Coatings Eggshell Enamel.

Unpainted Metal – First coat with GC Coatings Universal Undercoat and two coats GC Eggshell Enamel.

Apply with brush or roller.

Clean equipment with Mineral Turpentine.