Platinum Roof Coating

Extremely durable, UV resistant and weather resistant.

For cement, cement roof tiles, galvanized iron roofs.

Colours Available :

White, Black, Green, Red, Oxblood and Terra-cotta.

Product Information:

– Pack size: 5L and 20L
– Spreading rate: ±7 square meters/L – depending on surface texture
– Quick drying
– Sheen finish
– Water-based
– 20 000 + Scrubs tested by independent laboratory
– 5 – 7 year life expectancy provided the product is correctly applied

Surface Preparation:

Make sure that all surfaces are clean and free of any loose particles.

Never !! paint over surfaces on which the paint is failing, the area in between which seem to be sound is already weak and will soon fail.

The new paint will tend to pull the old system off if not prepared properly.

1.1 Cement and clay roof tiles:

High-pressure wash the entire roof.

Check the condition of the roof as follows: When the surface is dry, press a length of masking tape securely onto the roof surface, then pull it off quick. Examine the adhesive side of the tape. If no coating is removed, and no dirt or chalky material is apparent, then the surface is ready for the first coat of paint.

If, with the tape test method, the paint coating is removed, you need to strip the existing paint film.

1.2 Galvanized Iron Roofs:

The surface must be sound. If the paint system is frail or flaking, completely remove all the old paint, then high-pressure wash.

Unpainted galvanized iron: remove any rust, clean with galvanized iron cleaner and then rinse thoroughly.

Product application:

Film thickness is the actual amount of paint on the surface. The most common problem is that only one coat is applied. The most serious problem occurs when water is added to the paint and only 1 coat is applied.

Two coats must be applied.

Allow at least 4 hours drying time between coats.

Apply with brush, roller or airless spray.